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August 3, 2017

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This post has been sponsored by Renew Life® Digest Smart Enzyme. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

As you can probably tell by my posts, I have been traveling a lot lately. It is so hard to stick to my diet when I’m away from home but I don’t want to deprive myself of trying new foods. That’s why I always take with me my Renew Life Digest Smart Enzyme to avoid any bloating during my trip.

This high quality supplement contains 25 plant-based, raw enzymes to provide powerful digestive support when I need it most. Since I’m maximizing my enzyme levels I’m also digesting my foods much more easily and looking and feeling my best inside and out.


  • Influence your energy levels
  • Help breakdown of food and digestion
  • Keep you looking and feeling great
  • Assist in inflammation

Every meal we eat contains multiple food sources – protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber. Your body makes enzymes to break down these foods, but there are times our system could use a little help with digestion.

Since your body utilizes this energy for cell repair to keep your skin glowing, your hair shiny, and your cells regenerated, the absence of enzymes can disrupt delivery of this important and life sustaining energy.

For all these reasons, I always make sure to have my Renew Life Digest Smart Enzyme in my travel bag all the time. And the best part is that I get to enjoy all those delicious dishes that are waiting for me wherever I go!

Remember you deserve to feel amazing, even when you’re away from home.

Digest Smart Enzymes are available at health food stores, grocery, drugstores, and other major retailers.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Renew Life Digest Smart Enzymes. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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  • Reply Jessi Malay August 3, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Thanks for sharing babe!! I travel a lot for work too, so it’s definitely hard sticking to a healthy diet when I’m travelling so much! And all those plane rides really do make me feel bloated, so I would love to check this product out 🙂

    XO, Jessi

  • Reply Jessica August 14, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    I can definitely relate to this. Indeed, its so hard to squeeze in workouts when you’re traveling. this product sounds really good.

    Jessica |

  • Reply Divya August 23, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    This is very useful post!! I always have digestive problem when I travel, I will check it out. Thanks for sharing babe


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